About FAB
About FAB
CELEBRATING 90 YEARS YOUNG WOW!!! What a journey Fifth Avenue Baptist Church has traveled and what blessings God continues to give as we journey forward. The journey began September 20, 1925; a small group known as Calvary Baptist Church began worshiping on the corner of 5th Avenue South and 6th Street South. Another church known as Grace Baptist Temple was worshiping on the corner of 4th Street and 1st Avenue South and Pastored by Dr. W. A. Hobson. He suggested the two churches merge. On September 28, 1927, the two churches merged and became known as Fifth Avenue Baptist Church with Dr. George Stair as the first Pastor. Dr. Hobson resigned from Grace Temple Baptist Church in 1927 and began working with Russell Park Mission located at the corner of 40th Street and 4th Avenue North. Dr. Hobson wanted a more appropriate location for the church. He was shown the three (3) lots on the corner of Disston Blvd and 5th Ave North. These lots were centrally located and on the highest ridge in the city. Dr. Hobson was so impressed with these lots and being led by God used his own money to purchase them. Little did he know that years later the church located on these lots would become Firth Avenue Baptist Church. Through the years, the church grew in numbers; additional property was purchased, and in 1961, the church was named Emmanuel Baptist Church and would remain Emmanuel until the merger with Fifth Avenue Baptist Church. For the next few decades Emmanuel and Fifth Avenue Baptist grew in numbers, new sanctuaries were built, mission churches were started, music ministries were introduced In the spring of 1994, All Children’s Hospital bought the property of Fifth Avenue Baptist Church. For the next year, Fifth Avenue was in the “wandering” phase. The congregation met in a couple of facilities until a permanent location could be found. These facilities were Northeast High School and Northeast Park Baptist Church. On September 24, 1994, Emmanuel Baptist Church and Fifth Avenue Baptist Church were united. While the church building was being remodeled, the members worshiped at the Seventh Day Adventist Church and the Palm Lake Christian Church. Rev. Ray Jones took the pulpit as Pastor of Fifth Avenue on September 1, 1996. His theme for 1997 was “God is Always Trying to Take us Some Place New!” From 1994 -2014, God provided strong leaders to teach and inspire us, and continues to pour out blessings beyond our greatest expectations. On June 14, 2014, Dr. Hal Kitchings accepted the call to be Pastor of Fifth Avenue Baptist Church. Pastor Hal and his wife Kellie are committed in leading the church to be all that God wants His church to be. Under his leadership, he brought us God’s Vision for Fifth Avenue: Pastor Hal’s Moto is "For the Love of St Pete”. Our Mission: Love God, Love People Our Vision: Impacting St Pete and beyond through worship, connection groups, and serving
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